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I’m a communications consultant specialising in non-profits. You can follow me on Twitter @jo108.

Emily resting

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Stelly watching telly

Pencil sketch

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A sketchy evening

Looking at my reflection in the patio door when it’s dark outside.

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3 reasons why I don’t change my social media avatar when there’s a terror attack in Europe

Let me start by saying I respect your right to do so, if it helps you express your grief and outrage. But I won’t do it myself, for several reasons. Firstly, I don’t believe that UK or European or US … Continue reading

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A talk by my mum

This is a talk my mum gave about her grandfather at her synagogue on holocaust memorial day earlier this week. This is partly why it’s so clear to me that we all have a duty to help and give sanctuary … Continue reading

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Life without a safety net

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how it felt during the riots in England in 2011 when, as the violence, burning and looting spread across London and to other cities, the police stopped responding. You could call 999 and … Continue reading

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Painting twigs

My sister gave me a miniature water colour sketch pad and pocket-sized box of water colour paints for Christmas and it’s taken me until now to crack them open and have a go. My first attempt (above) turned out better … Continue reading

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