Overheard at the crafts table…

My girls were up at 6am this morning as usual (because New Years Day lie-ins are for wimps) and by 8am they were busy gluing googly eyes onto feathers and cardboard crowns. Here’s a snippet of their conversation which amused me:

Emily (age 6): “Stella, do you love Daddy?”
Stella (age 2): “Yes.”
E: “Do you love Mummy?”
S: “Yes.”
E: “Do you love me?”
S: “Yes.”
E: “Do you love the whole family?”
S: “Yes.”
E: “Do you love yourself?”
S: “Yes.”
E: “You love yourself?!”
S: “Yes.”
E: “Do you love the whole world?”
S: “Yes.”
E: “You love EVERYONE in the world?”
S: “Yes.”
E: “Do you love boys?”
S: “No.”


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I’m a communications consultant specialising in non-profits. You can follow me on Twitter @jo108.
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