Family group

Here’s a new picture I finished this evening. (I say new, but it’s taken me nearly two months.)

family group

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The anonymity of the crowd

I’ve been thinking this morning about the effect of city living on our collective psyche. I’m sat on a crowded train with two bags and a lap top on my lap. Although the train is always half empty when I get on, it never fails to get crowded two stops down the line and 20 mins in to my journey there’s standing-room only.

A man sat next to me about 20 minutes ago. There’s not quite enough room in the double seat for both of us. Our arms are touching. I’m squashed. He read his magazine for a while and then dozed off. He’s now snoring. In a few minutes his head may drop on my shoulder. This is pretty intimate. Yet he hasn’t looked at me at all, or wished me good morning or done anything at all to acknowledge that I even exist. This is of course, completely normal. But it’s also – well – rude!

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Finished twins

Finished twins

Finished twins

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Self portrait with cold

self portrait with cold Apr 13 300dpi 1

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Drawing baby Harrison

Been getting quite a few requests from baby friends to do portraits of their little ones. Here’s Harrison, completed today. Got a few more in the pipeline. Harrison Apr 13 300dpi

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Mar ’13 no 2

Mar '13 no 2

Since getting my evenings back, I’ve got my sketchpad out.

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Percy, Feb ’12

Percy, Feb '12

Drew this about two months before our beloved Percy met his maker.

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